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Does your home or business have extensive landscaping or hardscaping that you prefer not to disturb during a sewer replacement? Or do you need to replace a drain pipe beneath a concrete slab, but don’t want to tear up the floor? Are your water pipes leaking and corroded, but you don’t want to replace them using the standard pipe replacement method?

Consider replacing or restoring the pipes without digging using one of our trenchless technologies.

Trenchless pipe rehabilitation in Tampa allows for partial or total pipe line repair or replacement without having to dig up the old pipe or tear out walls and floors. This is a valuable option in situations where disruption to your home or business is to be avoided.

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Pipe Bursting

Problem: Need to replace an underground pipe when an open dig is impractical.

Solution: Replace the original pipe using the pipe bursting method.

Application: The subject pipe must be underground or under slab cast-iron, PVC, terra cotta pipe.

This technology is used for replacing underground pipe when it is impractical to do an open trench. The process involves inserting a steel cable into the old pipe. The cable is coupled to a metal bursting head, which is attached to the new pipe. A powerful hydraulic puller slowly draws the new pipe along, bursting the old pipe out of the way as it goes.

This method is unique because it automatically removes any bellies in the old pipe and can increase the pipeline’s diameter by simply dragging in a bigger pipe. For instance, an old three-inch drain can be replaced with a new six-inch pipe for added capacity and flow.

This technology is highly cost-effective in heavily landscaped yards and commercial areas. It can save tens of thousands of dollars when replacing pipe inside of buildings by eliminating floor-cutting and disrupting business. It is also used for pipe replacement under asphalt parking lots and roadways.

Epoxy Sewer Lining

Problem: Need to replace or repair a pipe when cutting floors, walls, or digging up the pipe is impractical.

Solution: Install Epoxy inner wall lining to restore pipe.

Application: Underground pipes or pipes in walls or ceilings. Cast-iron, steel, PVC, terra cotta, corrugated metal or reinforced concrete pipes, rain leaders and process piping.

Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) Rehabilitation is a trenchless technology that restores the structural integrity of the pipe by inserting a liner into the pipe. The process involves attaching an epoxy-soaked fiber lining to the inner wall of the original pipe. This restores the wall strength and flow characteristics of the pipe to as-new or better capabilities.

CIPP technology has been used for over 25 years in municipal sewer rehabilitation and is accepted by state and local building departments. CIPP is now available for all sizes and types of pipe that need to be structurally repaired due to leaks, corrosion, cracks, and collapsing.

CIPP is used to repair pipes that are buried underground, as well as pipes embedded within structures such as walls or floors. The process takes only a few hours to complete. This is vital when avoiding customer downtime, disruption, and expensive reconstruction costs.

All materials used in this system have been tested to meet Specification F1216 for CIPP. This specification requires the materials to be tested for a minimum design life of 50 years.

Epoxy Pipe Lining

Problem: Need to rehabilitate existing water pipes due to pinhole leaks, low water pressure, discolored water, lead, and copper contamination.

Solution: Coat interior of existing pipes with Epoxy.

Application: Copper or galvanized water pipes. Eventually, the hot and cold water pipes in our homes and businesses will need to be replaced due to corrosion and mineral build-up. Normally a re-pipe is performed by installing new pipes in the attic, through chase ways and down hollow walls.

Unfortunately, in older buildings with non-hollow plaster walls, a standard re-pipe is not always possible without significant wall and floor cutting and lengthy disruption to the occupants.

Recently, an alternative to conventional re-pipes has become available that restores the existing pipe system. This new process, known as an E-Coating, is done with minimal disruption to the home or business and is a quick and efficient way of dealing with leaking and corroded water pipes.

The process is simple. First, the existing pipes are dried using forced hot air and then internally sand-blasted clean. Next, a smooth layer of a special Epoxy (approved by the NSF for drinking water) is applied to the inside of the pipes. It’s that easy.

Water pipe restoration is beneficial when disruption to the home or business is a concern and costly restoration expenses are to be avoided.

All of the materials used in the E-Coating process have been proven safe and carry local, state and national certifications as well as the National Sanitation Foundation’s (NSF) 61 approval for drinking water. The E-Coating system is UPC listed and IPC compliant, providing an effective and healthy solution to leaky and corroded pipes.

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